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I was working as a stressed out health professional and busy mum.  

I wanted an opportunity to have flexibility and still earn a great income. 

This business has delivered so much more than my initial goals. I've earned more than my previous annual income in a single month working this business around my family. 

Alison W.


Real Moms, Real Results!

After feeling torn between my career and motherhood I went looking for a solution where I could have both.  I wanted to achieve my goals but not be stuck in a 9-5 environment which would be at the cost of being away from my kids.

I love having the time for my kids' school commitments now, as well as being able to achieve much bigger financial goals that what I ever did working for a boss. Aside from the money, I feel personally rewarded now too and relieved that I'm the one in control of my direction.

Kirsty M.


I'more than thrilled with my results. As a previous franchise owner & a mom of 2 young girls I was looking for a way to make more money in less time.

 I used to make $30,000 per year, working 60 hours plus per week.

I now earn more than $30,000 per month in my online business, but the best part is I have the time freedom to enjoy it!

Lee Anne B.


Why Take a Closer Look at This Home Business?

Work from home with just your laptop and phone.


And I still desire to earn a really good income.  Learn to earn over $10k per month working part-time online.

Hi, I'm Shawna Heikkila...

"There is more to life than money.  There are also things in this beautiful world that I want to enjoy with my family that cost money.  More importantly, I want to spend time with my family with peace-of-mind.  I went looking for a way to balance my professional interest with my deep desire to be home & available.  That is when I found this unique home business opportunity.  It has full-time income potential, while working part-time hours at home."

Generous Profits

Generous owners give us 80% of the profits.  Zero sales experience needed, our 3-step simple system does the explaining so you don't have to.  What you must bring to the table is a willingness to learn & a desire to create something different in your life.


Many home businesses are in the MLM category (nothing wrong with that).  We are in a sector unto itself.  We don't depend on a down-line for our profits.  Plus NO calling friends & family.  We would be surprised if you have seen this type of business model before.  

No Cold-Calling

We teach you how to market & bring business directly to you.  No experience needed.  You will NOT be asked to write a list of friends & family.  Our products stand-alone so recruiting others is optional.  You may choose to build a team or just market our products.

Full Training & Support

While we take advantage of modern technologies, we still believe in human interaction when it comes to training & support.  You will have direct access to our exceptional support staff.  You will have both one-on-one and group training to get you on the path to success!

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